AA7HW: Preparing for an Exam: HamStudy

hamstudy.org provides an excellent website for online studying.
  • hamstudy.org: Login or Register for Free, or login as a guest. When you register for free, hamstudy.org will track your progress.
  • Choose an exam to study for: Technician, General, or Amateur Extra.
  • After choosing an exam to study for, choose how to study:
    • Study Mode ensures that you will see every question in the pool, and gives you extra practice on the questions that are giving you trouble.
    • Read Questions allows you to read through the entire question pool.
    • Practice Test allows you to take randomly generated practice tests. Each test is generated randomly, so there is no guarantee that you will see every question in the pool.
  • HamStudy also allows you to Buy the App for Mac, iPhone or iPad, or Android.